This is a campaign for the Dresden Files RPG using FATE.

Welcome to the city of Atlanta. This city has long existed as a transportation hub, first for the rail lines, and later for commercial airlines. The city is also now an international city for business and students, and attracts many different types. Here in Atlanta there is A PLACE FOR EVERYTHING.

The N-S leyline through Atlanta has always been there, but recently there has been signs that an E-W leyline is raising that is creating a convergence at Centennial Olympic Park. This is just one example of the RISING POWER in the city.

The Warden of the deep South, Henry Bailey, has run a very tight ship. He made sure that he had his hands in most mortal and supernatural affairs. Recently the Warden was killed, he was shot in the forehead and had all of his possessions taken. As a result it is now GETTING HOT IN HOTLANTA.

Hot Times in Hotlanta

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