Nadia Raith

Head of House Raith - Atlanta


Skills – Alertness: Good (+3)- Athletics: Great (+4)- Contacts: Good (+3)- Conviction: Good (+3)- Deceit: Superb (+5)- Discipline: Great (+4)- Endurance: Good (+3)- Fists: Fair (+2)- Guns: Good (+3)- Intimidation: Great (+4)- Investigation: Fair (+2)- Lore: Good (+3)- Presence: Great (+4)- Rapport: Superb (+5)- Resources: Superb (+5)- Stealth: Great (+4)- Weapons: Great (+4)


Personal Magnetism (Presence): When rolling Presence to establish a “passive” reaction to her, Nadia makes the roll at +2.

Sex Appeal (Rapport): She receives a +2 to the roll on any seduction attempts she makes with Rapport, provided that the target is someone who could be receptive to her advances.

Subtle Menace (Intimidation): When the context of power is absent, or Nadia’s victim is actually in a superior position, her victim does not get any advantage bonus.


Emotional Vampire [–1] Human Guise [–0] Incite Emotion (Lust; Lasting Emotion, At Range) [–3] Feeding Dependency [+1] affecting the following powers: Inhuman Strength [–2] Inhuman Speed [–2] Inhuman Recovery [–2] Inhuman Toughness [–2] The Catch [+0] is True Love.


Just recently Nadia made it to the top of House Raith in Atlanta. She had been steadily putting her rivals down and out, and taking their places. She is a master manipulator and no one has been able to pin anything on her at all. She has two female White Court bodyguards that are always armed to the teeth, and know how to use their weapons too.

Nadia Raith

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