God's Seeing Blind Man



Superb (+5): Lore, Conviction

Great (+4): Endurance, Stealth

Good (+3): Weapons, Contacts

Fair (+2): Fists, Burglary, Presence

Average (+1): Guns, Deceit, Empathy, Athletics, Investigation

Stunts and Powers:

Bless this House[-1]

Guide my Hand[-1]

Holy Touch[-1]


The Sight[-1] – Permanently open; Reason Otis is a stinking drunk now

Finely Tuned Third Eye[-1]

Swift and Silent[-1]


Otis is an old, black Vietnam vet. During the war he lost his sight. He prayed and he prayed to God for some kind of help, and discovered one day that his third eye has opened. Otis sees everything through the Sight now, and dealing with him can be an unnerving experience. He stays stinking drunk in order to help keep his brain from going completely over the edge from what he sees. Otis is always accompanied by Spike, who is sort of Otis’s pet. Otis is a tool of God, he wanders the city helping people with small things, as well as seeming to be able to show up where someone is being attacked by anything supernatural.


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