Loyal Weremutt



Superb(+5): Athletics, Alertness

Great(+4): Endurance, Fists

Good(+3): Stealth, Survival

Fair(+2): Investigation, Intimidation, Deceit

Average(+1): Empathy, Presence, Lore, Performance, Might

Stunts and Powers

Beast Form[-1]

Echos of the Beast[-1]

Human Form[+1]



Inhuman Speed[-2]

Inhuman Strength[-2]


Spike thinks he is a dog. No one is really quite sure where he came from or how he got here, but when some students at Georgia State University are tormenting him, Otis steps in and rescues the man. Because Otis sees with the sight, he also sees Spike as a dog and not a person. Most of the time Spike appears as a person who seems to look unusually dog like for a person anyway. When evil comes within the smell of his nose, Spike just transforms into a very big dog to try to fight it away. Some how when he changes, he takes his clothes with him, and the dog and the person look very similar anyway.


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