Henry Bailey

Henry Bailey was born during the 1830’s to enslaved parents who were brought to the Atlanta area to help work on the new rail lines. From an early age he saw how people with power enjoyed wielding that power to control other people, and he didn’t like it very much. One day he discovered that he had a little power himself, so he spoke with the voodoo woman back at the camp. She began to teach him how to use his own magical abilities. Some time during Henry’s 30s the Civil War broke out, and the Red Court tried to use the war torn South as their personal feeding ground.

His talents were made prominent by his one man war trying to protect all the people of the South from the vampires. The White Council of wizards took note of all Henry did, and decided to make him the Warden of the deep South. Henry worked tirelessly to protect all the people of the South from any supernatural threats, and also worked just as hard to help raise his African-American brothers and sisters from the bonds of prejudice and oppression that still held them down.

At a certain point he sort of went in his own direction, he never left the Wardens, but he always felt the need to do things his way instead of others. He managed to maneuver himself as a freeholding lord under the Unseelie Accords so that he could wage his own personal war against the vampires feeding on people in the South. The Red Court vampires were quite rampant during the 60’s looking for food and using all the mortal confusion to cover themselves up. Henry went on a tear, destroying large populations of the Red Court vampires in the South.

Henry also made a point to keep House Raith in check, allowing them their clubs to feed on the lust energy they need, but also making sure to kill any of the vampires who started killing humans. He had a secret ally in House Raith named Content Not Found: drahomir-raith

He was there for all of it, every once in a while having his face in the mortal world “die” so people wouldn’t get suspicious of him. 10-15 years later he will show back up in the mortal world as a different person, just to continue on his work. He had recently used his contacts in Atlanta to get Isis Jarrett Chandler a job teaching mythology at Georgia State University. He did this because he knew that once he got her away from her antebellum plantation in the bayou’s of Louisiana she would feel like she had to help others when they needed it.

Henry Bailey was killed last night. He was shot once in the forehead at point blank range and had all of his possessions taken.

Henry Bailey

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